My name is Davinder Bhowmik and I teach Japanese language and literature at the University of Washington. My office is in the quad, which is filled with beautiful Yoshino cherry blossoms in spring! Follow this link to learn more about the Department of Asian Languages and Literature: AL&L


This is YOUR "Playground" to learn to use a Wiki.

Start creating a connected classroom with the following activities. (For further help, go to wikispaces detailed tutorials)

1. Write a short description of yourself / of class you'll teach with Wiki. (click "Edit this Page"; enter text; click "Save")

2. Edit your description -- use the Editor-Bar to resize/boldface/etc. (click "Edit this Page"; change text, and then click "Save")

2. Insert an external link. (click on "Edit this Page"; HIGHLIGHT some of your text; click on the add link icon in the editor bar; in the textbox click "External Link", type or copy link, hit "OK", click "Save"

3. Insert an image and/or Embed widget: Click on "Insert Images or Files" or "Embed Widget", upload image or widget; click "Save")

5. Create a new page: Click on "New Page" and enter new name, click on "OK", enter text on new page and "Save".

6. Link new page to your "playground" page. (Follow instructions in #3, but in "Insert Link" page use the new page name.

7. Visit pages of a colleague's Playground and make comments using discussion.

8. Write your comments on this workshop in discussion on Home page!