My name is __Klaus Brandl__ . I teach at the University of Washington.

2. Edit your description -- use the Editor-Bar to resize/boldface/etc. (click "Edit this Page"; change text, and then click "Save")

2. Insert an external link. (click on "Edit this Page"; HIGHLIGHT some of your text; click on the add link icon in the editor bar; in the textbox click "External Link", type or copy link, hit "OK", click "Save"

3. Insert an image and/or Embed widget: Click on "Insert Images or Files" or "Embed Widget", upload image or widget; click "Save")

5. Create a new page: Click on "New Page" and enter new name, click on "OK", enter text on new page and "Save".

6. Link new page to your "playground" page. (Follow instructions in #3, but in "Insert Link" page use the new page name.

7. Visit pages of a colleague's Playground and make comments using discussion.

8. Write your comments on this workshop in discussion on Home page!