Wiki Basics: What is a Wiki?

1. Tutorial auf English: "Wikis in Plain English":

2. The Connected Classroom: "What is a Wiki?"

3. Teachers explain in the short video: "What's a Wiki?"

4a. Was ist ein Wiki? Teil 1: (Tutorial auf Deutsch)

4b. Was ist ein Wiki? Teil 2 (eine neue Seite)

5. PM Wiki basics in Japanese: PM-WIKI Page in Japanese

Wikis in Language Classroom "Writing Together with Wikis" presented by Margaret Ann Kassen and Roberta Z. Lavien, NECTFL 2008
The Connected Classroom: "Virtual Field Trips"
Uni-Lang Wiki for Languages A (as in Abkhazian Aҧсуа бызшәа) to Y (as in Yiddish אידיש): Links to Language Basics
Online Conference of educators using Wiki: K12Wiki

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