1. After a quick overview of the FAQ-Wiki page, I'll click on the How Wikis Work link and get the message:
and proceed to cliick edit -- which converts the Web-Page into a Work-Space

2. " Here I can type text, for example:" This is a demonstration of how to enter text to the work space and then how to turn it into a WEB page by clicking on "external image arrow-10x10.png"
3. When any member of the wiki team wants to edit the result s/he clicks on "Edit" converts the Webpage back to a workpage and makes the edit
For example, I can change:
This is a demonstration of how to edit text and make it more interesting. All it takes is two steps: EDIT and SAVE

4. I can add text from documents I want include in my Wiki project/portfolio: I open my document and copy, click on edit, paste, and save:
I've been working on this presentation for weeks. I wanted to insert this example of material I prepared (and got assistance in editing) and, and, and.

Wikis are easy
Wikis are quick
Wikis promote
Wikis promote process learning
Wikis promote sense of ownership

  1. Wikis are easy
  2. Wikis are quick
  3. Wikis promote collaboration
  4. Wikis promote process learning
  5. Wikis promote sense of ownership

Copy / click "Edit" / Paste / click "Save" / It's published!

Here's all you do:
  • Copy
  • Click "Edit"
  • Paste
  • Click "Save "
  • It's published!

4. Now let's add a table and a couple images: We start by clicking on EDIT and in the menu-bar we select Table and insert the table. I select two by two and center the table. Then I want to add a couple of pictures: One of me and one referring to my interests in collaborative learning. Placing the cursor in the table, I then click on "File"
add picture rak-bozen2013; add rakhomepage; add link, demonstrate save
5. go back to edit: ask them to talk me through the steps so that I can add "waht is wiki"? and 1201 wiki and link"
Save, show new link
7. Return to this page and demonstrate quickly the other buttons: using the line of text "demonstration" gets changed to heading, bolded, italicized, underlined, turned red and centered, given a number, a bullet point.
8. Show how many other media can be simply added, for example a video from you tube.
a. click on widget / go to youtube under share go to embed, copy code, paste code, view, save and wiki-wiki the video clip is now in the students' wiki!

9. One last step: linking this page to the others in the site: Add internal links
return to Why We Wiki: FAQ-Wiki
move to Why We Wiki: Students Work with Wikis
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