Best Practices Basics

yiddish-bestpractices.jpg's in world languages/Pittsburgh public schools) (lrc's as key to best practices) (links to world languages' BP sites) (NCLRC practical guide w/principles, practices, resources) (rakorb YIVO workshop) (NCLRC essentials of language teaching)

Using Yiddish to Learn Yiddish:

yiddish-pop.jpg (Robot-Cartoon-Dialogs/Exercises) (Lesson 1: Basic words to hear/repeat) (Worksheets / reading, writing, songs) (Victoria Independent School Yiddish workbook
- audio)

Planning and Providing Feedback:

yiddish-assessment.jpg (RAKorb YIVO workshop on integrated performance assessment) (McTigue's discussion on backward design: planning instruction based on desired outcomes) (CARLA virtual assessment center) (ACTFL "Can-Do" self assessment guidelines - pdf download) (NCLRC teaching essentials -- See: planning a lesson!)

Working with Authentic Materials:

yiddish-alphabet.jpg (great source for Yiddish instructors) (youth for Yiddish -- interesting site) (radio archive -- check it out!) (daily world news in Yiddish) (FEMA disaster announcements for Yiddish language clients seeking hurricane disaster relief) (Sholom Berger's Yiddish blog) (Israeli newspapers online)

Learning Strategies:

vertebukh-small.jpg (Links to a wide assortment of Yiddish dictionaries / online) (fairly decent looking dictionary online) ("comprehensive" online Yiddish-English Verterbukh) (translator from Yiddish to English -- basic) (Yiddish slang flashcards) (NCLRC Website: "Sailing the 5Cs with Learning Strategies")

Yiddish-Resources Online Websites:

yiddish-keyboard.jpg (Columbia University Yiddish Program) (YIVO Institute for Jewish Research) (YIVO Weinrich Center online links list) (Foundation commemorating Naomi) (Yiddish - mostly music - summer program in Weimar) (Jewish women archive -- tags for "Yiddish Language" (RAKorb YIVO-workshop Yiddish LInks 2007)

Materials used in today's lesson: